Angelo Pisano, DC

Dr. Pisano left Plains, Pennsylvania and headed to South Carolina where he earned his Doctorate degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic. He and Dr. Diana were classmates and close friends at school. Intrigued by the Arizona way of life, he headed out west to where they would begin their practice, In Touch Wellness Center.

Dr. Pisano is fascinated by the human body and his hope is to help people reach their top physical performance. With his Wellness Center, he can successfully bring Scottsdale Chiropractor, Tempe Chiropractor, and Phoenix Chiropractors to the people in need of bodily adjustments.

He believes he can improve individuals’ quality of life by educating them and directing them towards a more healthy and balanced way of life.

Dr. Pisano is an avid adventurer who is drawn to the outdoors, anxiously awaiting his annual backpacking or skiing trips. When not at the office, it is likely that he is hiking with his dogs, trail running, or in a yoga class. Angelo understands the importance of nutrition and is often reading and gathering information to put the best goods into the system. Angelo works hard to maintain great physical shape, but don’t be fooled, he still loves his pizza!